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Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program



teen girlsRainbow Valley has two Residential Treatment Centers in Merced, California, providing services to girls ages 12-17 in the Central California area. Rainbow Valley provides a full range of therapeutic services, while also providing a family atmosphere. Our homes are in residential neighborhoods. The goal for services in the Residential Treatment Centers is to help our young ladies cope with the emotional trauma caused by abuse and neglect, and prepare them for transition into family settings. This may be return to their birth families, relatives, or a foster family. It is our goal to increase our girl’s self- esteem, help them realize their full potential both emotionally and educationally, and prepare our girls for a reciprocal, giving relationship with caring adults.

The basic approach in treatment planning is clear, consistent behavior management techniques, coupled with opportunities for successful achievement of personal and educational goals. A calm atmosphere with a controlled amount of stimulations helps children center on their immediate goals. Each treatment plan is child specific, and geared to the individual needs of the child in placement.

Recreational Activities

All activities at Rainbow Valley are geared toward increasing a child’s self-esteem and social skills. Arts and crafts activities and board games are encouraged to improve social skills. Rainbow Valley provides our youth with field trips on a regular basis, both for recreational and cultural experience.


A full range of educational settings is available at Rainbow Valley. The majority of our girls are able to attend the junior high or high school campus. A full range of special education services are available in Merced County. There is a non-public school available in Merced for youth with an IEP requiring such a school placement. We have a close working relationship with our local community schools to ensure that the most appropriate setting is chosen. Alternative education sites are also available, including a continuation campus and a community school. Independent study will be considered on an individual basis, but all youth are encouraged to attend a school setting to help them improve their social skills.

Family Visitation

Rainbow Valley fully cooperates with the referring county to provide transportation for youth for scheduled family visits. It is our belief that youth benefit from ongoing contact with their families.

Independent Living Skills

Youth ages 15 ½ and older are encouraged to actively participate in the local Independent Living Skills Program in order to improve their independent living skills.

Child Care Staff

If you are interested in working at our group home you must have a Bachelor's Degree and experience working with adolescent girls. The ability to be consistent and to work together as part of a treatment team are essential qualities. If interested, please call (209)722-0202 for more information.


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