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All children need a stable home. You could provide one for a foster child. Rainbow Valley Foster Care is accepting applications from caring, nurturing families and individuals to help make a difference in a young person’s life. Training, support, and respite are provided.
Please call 209-722-0202. A loving child is waiting for your call. Together, we work to provide a stable home for children who have experienced physical and sexual abuse, and abandonment. The lessons our children learn about being loved without being hurt will be passed down for generations to come.

If you would like to inquire about becoming a foster parent with Rainbow Valley, please click here.

I love the feeling of satisfaction of trying to make the world a little better in a small way, and I love dealing with the kids. - Kim Medeiros
What are the Qualifications?

rainbowThe most important qualification for foster parents is the willingness to make a commitment to a troubled child. You will also need to provide a structured, consistent environment. Foster parents must be willing to attend at least 27 hours of training prior to a child being placed with you, as well as attend at least 20 hours of training every year.

As foster parents, you must have adequate space in your home so there are no more than two children in each bedroom. All adults in the home must receive fingerprint and child abuse clearances from the state. You need a statement from your doctor that you are in good health and a tuberculosis clearance. Any adult who would be in regular contact wtih foster children must be fingerprinted and have a tuberculosis clearance. You need to have adequate income to provide for the needs of your family without the money you receive as foster parents. If you have a swimming pool, it must be fenced. You must be willing to comply with Community Care Licensing regulations.

We enjoy giving the kids the opportunity to do things and go places that they have not been able to do before, and to show them new options and opportunities.  It makes us feel good to be able to help someone else.- Lorrie & Dennis Snyder


Our Philosophy

Each child is part of a family system that is part of a wider system. What happens in one part of the system affects other parts of it.

Orientation Schedule

All Foster Parent Orientation sessions are on the 3rd Thursday of each month, from 6-8pm.

Are you ready to be a Foster Parent?

Are you financially secure?

Are you ready to deal with birth parents?

Do you have a stable outside network?

Are you prepared to let go when the children are reunited with the birth family?

If you would like to inquire about becoming a foster parent with Rainbow Valley, please click here.


Download Steps to Becoming a Certified Foster Parent (pdf)

Our Values

We hold high ethical standards and professional Integrity.

We demonstrate honesty, respect and caring in our work with the children, the families, the professional system, as well as with each other.

We recognize and honor each child and family's unique personal and cultural heritage.

We support children, families, staff and others in the community to develop a belief in their own inherent abilities and opportunity to reach their potential.

We believe strongly in collaborating with families and professionals as each partner brings strengths, expertise and ideas.

We provide our families and children opportunities to heal past trauma and to foster healthy attachments: the cornerstone of optimal emotional development.

We strive to empower children and families to find their voice so that each is able to play an active part in contributing to their own lives and their community.

We support families to connect to those important in their lives and to broaden their natural resources. We believe that the stronger family unity ultimately minimizes the need for professional supports.

We practice and encourage open and clear communication with the children, the families, the professional system, and each other.

We are flexible in service delivery and responsive to client and community needs.


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