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We Are

Rainbow Valley Group Homes and Foster Family Agency is a private, non-profit agency whose primary goal is to provide specialized care services for children birth to 21 years of age, who have been physically, mentally, and sexually abused. Rainbow Valley FFA also takes pride in honoring and addressing the unique needs of sibling groups and teen mothers.

Professional social workers (Master's Degree) work closely with referring county Child Welfare agencies in coordinating services to children while providing weekly supportive services to each foster family.

Our History

Our founder, Pam Tourigny-Hutchinson, had a sincere desire to meet the diverse needs of children in out-of-home placement. In 1990, her desires and dreams became a reality when she opened a group home for adolescent girls in Snelling, California. While looking out her window toward the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Pam was inspired to name the new organization, Rainbow Valley Group Homes. When asked why the rainbow, Pam stated that the rainbow reminded her of the promises of God: realizing that all things are possible.

During this time Pam's close friend, Roberta Gray was at a critical point in her life. Roberta wanted to dedicate her life to God and realized that she could only do that by taking care of God's Kids. Together, Pam and Roberta built an agency that continues to address the needs of 12 adolescent girls residing in 2 group homes located in Merced, California, and more than 80 children in certified foster homes located in Merced, Madera, Mariposa, Stanislaus and Tuolumne counties.

Our Devotion

Rainbow Valley Group Homes and Foster Family Agency maintains a dedicated professional staff that provides supportive services to the foster families and children to whom they have been entrusted. The professional staff, foster parents, foster children, along with the board of directors, constitute the Rainbow Valley Family. Our Family remains faithful to the values of our founders for only there can we realize the promise and the possibilities.

Our Hopes, Our Dreams

Our inspired mission is to provide children with caring, nurturing homes that offer restoration of physical and emotional wholeness, the promise of a brighter productive future, and the assurance that every effort is made to help each child reach her/his personal potential and goals.

Our Mission

To provide children and youth with services and resources that enables them to achieve their personal potential and goals.

Our Philosophy

Each child is part of a family system that is part of a wider system. What happens in one part of a system affects other parts of the system.

Our Values

We hold high ethical standards and professional Integrity.

We demonstrate honesty, respect and caring in our work with the children, the families, the professional system, as well as with each other.

We recognize and honor each child and family's unique personal and cultural heritage.

We support children, families, staff and others in the community to develop a belief in their own inherent abilities and opportunity to reach their potential.

We believe strongly in collaborating with families and professionals as each partner brings strengths, expertise and ideas.

We provide our families and children opportunities to heal past trauma and to foster healthy attachments: the cornerstone of optimal emotional development.

We strive to empower children and families to find their voice so that each is able to play an active part in contributing to their own lives and their community.

We support families to connect to those important in their lives and to broaden their natural resources. We believe that the stronger family unity ultimately minimizes the need for professional supports.

We practice and encourage open and clear communication with the children, the families, the professional system, and each other.

We are flexible in service delivery and responsive to client and community needs.



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